Discover Muscatel, CA

Muscatel, CA:

A Historical Stop Turned Thriving Neighborhood in Fresno

Muscatel is a neighborhood located in Fresno County, California. While it may not be as well-known as some other Californian locales, it holds a rich history and a vibrant community that contribute to its unique charm.

Historically, Muscatel served as a station stop along the Southern Pacific Railroad line, situated approximately 4.5 miles north-northwest of downtown Fresno. The railroad played a significant role in shaping California’s Central Valley, bringing growth and development to the region. While specific details about Muscatel’s early history remain sparse, its existence as a station stop indicates its integral role in the region’s transportation and economic activities during the era of railroads.
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Geographically, Muscatel is positioned at latitude 36.793 and longitude -119.859. Sharing the semi-arid climate typical of California’s Central Valley, the area experiences hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Its location within the City of Fresno places it within easy reach of a variety of amenities and attractions.
Muscatel offers a range of local businesses and landmarks for residents and visitors alike. The real estate market in the neighborhood is quite accessible, with the median real estate price being $304,728, which is less expensive than 92.4% of California neighborhoods and 53.0% of all U.S. neighborhoods.
As part of Fresno, Muscatel is home to a diverse community. Although there are no specific notable individuals directly linked to the neighborhood, the broader Fresno County has been home to various influential figures throughout history.
Demographically, Muscatel shares the census data of Fresno, given that it is located within the city. As of 2020, Fresno had a population of approximately 542,107 according to the United States Census Bureau.