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The golden rule in the auto transport industry is that the lowest price is not usually the wisest or the best choice. Many auto brokers will provide you with an attractive car shipping quote to hook your business. One that is often unrealistic. These unrealistic quotes are great if you don’t mind taking risks with your vehicle or waiting 4 to 6 weeks for the auto broker to find an auto carrier to ship your vehicle regardless of their reputation.
At American Auto Transportation Inc, unlike other auto brokers, we price our jobs based on your vehicle being picked up by a reputable auto carrier within a 4-day window. No guessing, no games, no hassles. Just predictable, top-quality car shipping services and accurate car shipping quotes.
You can expect superior customer service from us. Our team of customer service representatives is always on call to answer any questions you may have before pick-up and up to the minute your vehicle is delivered to by our auto carrier its final destination.
State-of-the-art tracking and our network of connections through-out the auto transport industry allow us to keep you informed while your vehicle is in transit. You should expect an email or call with an estimated pick-up and delivery times 24-48 hours before your 1st available date.
The car carrier driver usually calls when he or she is about 3-5 hours away both on pick-up and delivery. For customers who are moving and have short windows of availability, we specialize in coordinating last minute auto transport.
All auto carriers in the Continental US allow up to 150 pounds to be transported on the back seats (not covering the windows) of your car or trunk. For any additional weight, the driver will charge up to a dollar per pound additional. If you need to transport additional weight, kindly specify as such when arranging your car shipping services. We recommend that you do not ship any electronics within the vehicle due to the possibility of sun and/or heat damage. For Hawaii and Alaska auto transport, no loose items are allowed anywhere in the car. The Customs Officials will not allow anything at all to be shipped within the vehicles when coming through these ports.
Open Auto Transportation Trailer:

This is the most common shipping method. Both the tops and sides of the trailers are open and can vary in size from a 1-car flat-hauler to an 11-car dual-level hauler. Trailers that haul between 8-10 cars are the most common and each have their own advantages.
1. Overall Advantages: Less expensive, more-readily available.
2. Overall Disadvantages: Vehicles are exposed to the elements.

Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers/Trailers:
These enclosed trailers have side walls and roofs. They also vary in size. Enclosed carriers are typically used for high-end or showcase vehicles. Some of these include: classics, hot rods, upper-end, or have high-dollar paint jobs. However, please note that anyone can elect to ship enclosed as this method is not restricted to these factors alone.
1. Overall Advantages: Vehicles are protected from weather, road damage, and theft.
2. Overall Disadvantages : More costly, width and height restrictions for vehicles exist; trailers are not always readily available.

If you any questions whatsoever, please give us a call or send us an email and we would be glad to answer your question. Thank You, from the American Auto Transportation Team.