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Here at American Auto Transportation Inc. we focus on all of your auto transport needs.

We offer a door to door reliable auto transport service. Getting your car to its destination safely is our top priority. You can expect superior customer service from us. Our team of representatives is always on call to answer any questions you may have before pick-up and up to the minute your vehicle is delivered. We make the transport process smooth.

You save money by going with professional car shipping service. At American Auto Transportation Inc, unlike other auto brokers, we price our jobs based on your vehicle being picked up by a reputable auto carrier within a 3-day window. No guessing. No games. No hassles. You get predictable, top-quality car shipping services with accurate quotes. There are no other transport companies like us!

Call us at (888) 849-2202, and one of our representatives would be glad to help you right now. Or you can fill out the information to the right to speed up the car shipping/transport process. Our representatives are standing by and ready to take your call.

Why us?

Here are some reasons:

-Your vehicle is our utmost concern, and the transport company that we choose to be shipping your car will be a reliable and trustworthy company.
-When you transport a vehicle, you are allowed to haul an additional 150lb with transportation service, depending on carrier.
-You can call us 24/7 day and night about auto shipping, or email us any time.
-We are reliable and quick. We make the auto transport process easy and smooth so you can rest assure your car will arrive on time.
-We do classic auto transport if that is something that you are interested in.
-We specialize in nationwide auto transport.
-We offer a free auto transport online quote, just fill out the forms on this page.
-When dealing with an auto shipping company, you should be concerned about what will happen with your information that is submitted. American Auto Transportation Inc. will never sell private information to third party companies. This information is solely used by us for quote generation.
-We strive to be the best car shipping company out there.
-No hidden fees. We have no extra charges such as taxes, fees, surcharges, or any other hidden fees as long as the information about the vehicle you give us is 100 percent accurate.
-We offer affordable, fast, auto transport, while some of the competitors can take several weeks to assign your car to a carrier.

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Frequently Asked Customer Questions About Auto Transport

You want to make sure you go with someone reliable, and someone who has experience in shipping cars. We set up the auto transport between you and the driver directly.

When you are in a rush, you are looking for direct auto transport companies. We can get your car moving as soon as possible. We make the auto shipping process fast, and quick.

Auto transport services can be a great experience when you choose us as your broker.
We can help you by price matching any other broker company.

If you are concerned about the weather, rain, hail or other natural elements, then enclosed auto transport might be something that you would be interested in. To protect your car during shipping, enclosed auto transport is the best option. Open auto transport service is much more economical, as opposed to enclosed transport nationwide shipping. Carriers available on request.

Over a half of million people each year use an auto transport company to ship their vehicle.

We specialize in shipping vehicles to Nationwide, especially Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico.

It is just like any other auto transport, you can ship enclosed or open container.
When it comes to Hawaii vehicle shipping, transporting your car must involves putting it on a barge and auto shipment into a port.
Cross country vehicle shipping is our most average auto transport.
Vehicle shipping to Alaska is not an issue either as we have many connections with ports around the world.
Vehicle shipping from Hawaii is just as easy as shipping to Hawaii. Give us a call for more details.


Shipping your car across the U.S.A is very easy when you transport through us, for the carriers we choose transport cars daily all around the country, and they arrive on time. When you transport a car cross country, keep in mind it will take about 7-10 days for your car to arrive at its destination with a 3 day pick up window.

Auto Shipping Tips

Auto transport costs vary between carrier to carrier, and our experienced representatives can find you the best deal possible, very quickly, so that you do not have to worry about it. Auto transport costs can also vary based on the size of the car itself. For instance, if you are transporting an RV, it will be more expensive then say a sedan or a truck. Please provide the make and model of the vehicle so that we can quote your shipment accordingly. Cheap doesn’t mean “cheap” as in low quality, it means affordable auto transport. We research the best companies to get you the best price once we receive your information. Auto transport services all have different prices so its our job to go out there and get you the best deal possible. No extra costs, or hidden fees, we make it affordable to ship your vehicle. If you are looking for cheap auto transport, we will make sure to find you the best deal possible. We make auto transport available to anyone at anytime. Auto transport cost also varies from location to location, so if you call us now, or fill out the free quote form, we can put it through our system and compare prices from different companies and get you the best price out there, guaranteed.

Service you can trust.

We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured up to 250k. If anything were to happen to your car, you do not have to worry, as there is a zero deductible out of pocket to the customer if something were to occur during shipping. Not that it would, but just so do you have peace of mind. Auto transport can be a simple process if you choose the right company to go through as we have many established relationships with top qualified drivers and carriers.

Quick facts about the industry

We broker to over 5000 pre-approved independent truck owners and carriers. They are all licensed and insured up to 250,000. We have a 90 percent rate of delivering cars in 7 days or less.

Auto transport can be very simple and easy, and we provide the fastest and most efficient way to get your car from here-to-there.

Dependable auto transport is hard to find, but you came to the right place. We offer a full door to door service.

Auto freight shipping is the way to go if you are moving into a new home and need to relocate multiple cars. Shipping a car across country is not a problem either, we can ship your vehicle from state to state.